2 Mei 2012

Fishing/Recreation Kayaks Malaysia

Boogeese X'plorer


Named after the fearless seafarers and explorers of the Malay archipelago, the Bugis people of Southeast Asia. So feared, they were called the Bogeyman by the colonial West. The X'plorer is stable and fast. Its unique round keel with slight rocker hull design provides exceptional tracking and maneuverability. With a 34" wide body and flared bow, you can be assured of a stable and dry ride. Features includes: Self-Bailing, Molded Seats and Foot-brace, Scupper Hole Plugs, 2 Round Hatches, Side Carry Handles, Bow and Stern Carry Handles, Bow and Stern Bungee Cords, Drain Plug, Attachment Eyelets and optional Backrests and Flushmount Rodholders. Ideal for general recreation and fishing.

Features & Specifications:
• 2 x Waterproof hatch
• Front and rear bungee
• Front, rear and side carry handles
• Fishing rod holder (optional)
• Scupper Bungs
• Impact resistant
• Thickness: 3.5mm
• Max user weight: 230kg
• Kayak weight: 30kg
• Size: 368cm x 88cm x 45cm
• Colors: red, yellow, orange, yellow/red, yellow/blue, white/blue, white/red, white/black.

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