25 April 2008

Adventure at Gunung Tahan - Pahang

The highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, Mount Tahan in the Taman Negara National Park is also one of the toughest to climb. There are two climbing routes, one from Kuala Tahan, which can take up to nine days to complete. The other route is from Merapoh near Gua Musang and takes five days to complete.

If you plan to climb from the Merapoh route, you can reach the town by train from Gua Musang.

You can get to the other route from Kuala Tahan, which is the main entrance to Taman Negara National Park, through several local tour companies who organise trips from Kuala Lumpur to the park. You may also take express buses from the Pekeliling Bus Station in Kuala Lumpur to Jerantut, the town nearest to the park from Pahang. From there, buses or taxis will take you to Kuala Tahan.

Climbing Tahan requires guide and permits as well as photography license, which can be obtained from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, which has its office at the park entrances at Kuala Tahan and Merapoh.

Gunung Tahan offers some of the best mountain sceneries in the country and on the second day of your climb from Merapoh, you will reach highland plateaus with enthralling bonsai vegetation. Climbers normally camp here, but come prepared for chilly night conditions.

Gunung Tahan's peak, which is huge compared to other mountains in the country, can be reached by noon on the third day of the climb from Merapoh.Gunung Tahan, there are a few matters to consider like the cost and if you're fit enough. 2 very important factors. Let's see, there's the usual National Park fee at:

Entry Permit RM1.00/person
Camping RM1.00/person/night
Camera RM5.00/person
4WD transport RM7.50/person/way

Department of Wildlife & National Parks (PERHILITAN)

Taman Negara Kuala Tahan
27020 Jerantut, Pahang

Tel : +609-266 1122/09-266 4152
Fax : +609-266 4110
E-mail: penguasa@tm.net.my

Taman Negara Sungai Relau,
27210 Kuala Lipis,
Pahang Darul Makmur.

Tel/Fax : +609-912 4894
Kuala Lumpur,
Tel : +603-9075 2872
Fax : +603-9075 2873
Kuala Tahan:
Tel : +609 266 1122

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