17 April 2008

Enchanting Land - The Berkelah Waterfalls

The Berkelah Waterfalls

To reach the start of the trail, is an adventure in itself.First you have to find the right exit from the Maran-Kuantan road. About 31 km after Maran there is a signboard "Sungei Berkelah".
The road ends at a spot where some shelters have been built. From here a cemented path leads to the falls. Don't worry when at first it looks like the river has disappeared. You have first to cross a dry riverbed before reaching the first fall.This double fall is quite impressive.

After the first waterfall a few smaller falls follow. They have olympic-size pools with crystal-clear water.Very inviting for a refreshing bath. On the way you will see several place which are suitable for camping. But always be careful, that the place is safe against flash-flooding!.

Finally the top fall is reached, again with a huge pool (picture at the right). Walking back, following the river bed, it is very clear how the river has eroded its way down amidst huge rocks and boulders
The whole region is very attractive and unspoiled. Keep it that way, take only pictures and leave only footsteps

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