22 April 2008

Kenyir Lake - Malaysia National Park

Kenyir Lake became one of the most magnificent tourist sports in Terengganu as well as in Malaysia. Kenyir luxurious forest is located in the district of Hulu Terengganu, which lies at a longitude of 102 degree 40 minutes and 4 degree and 40 minutes in latitude. It is believed that the rain forest is the world oldest tropical rainforest. The forest also serves as a part of Malaysia National Park.

There are 14 waterfalls found and flow rapidly around the lake. The most famous are Lasir Waterfall (nearby Uncle John Resort), Tembat Waterfall (just a minute to Musang Kenyir Resort) and Saok Waterfall. Saok Waterfall is situated at the east of Pulau Besar (about 20 minutes boat ride from Gawi Jetty). Whist to the south (nearby Jenagor Dam) are Lasir, Kenyir and Pertang River waterfalls. It is believed that the Lasir Waterfall is the largest shower in Kenyir Lake and becomes one of the famous waterfalls among tourist. This spectacular waterfall is majestic with about 500 feet high and it drops gracefully into the level of bounder ponds of water.

It creates a natural five level of pond, which is the best place to enjoy cold refreshing bathtub among your family and friends. This area is proposed to be a non-developing area of large structure or heavy physical development so it becomes as one of a jungle activity. This is to make sure the natural environment will not be spoilt. So any man-made structures will be built according to the stable blend of surrounding natural. It is located about 16 km to the south of Pengkalan Gawi. By boat it will take about 30-45 minutes to reach there.

Kenyir Lake consists of a more than 340 islands, surrounded by a vast rain forest that contains of many unpolluted clear water rivers, waterfalls, magnificent limestone formations and pre-historic caves. Variety of plants and wildlife are just perfect for jungle trekking. Regarded as an 'Angling Haven', huge specimens of Baung, Arowanan, Sebarau, Toman and Kelah thrive abundantly here. Ping Anchorage package tours from the adventurous houseboat to the relaxing floating chalet.

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