12 Jun 2008

Gunung Santubong Kuching Sarawak

Peak Of Mt. Santubong

Gunung Santubong is located in the northern coastal area of Kuching, only 20 minutes driving distance. Hill Dipterocarp forest is covering almost the whole area. There are a few beautiful waterfalls can be found here. This is the great place for wildlife photography and hiking!

The Santubong jungle trail is maintained by the Holiday Inn resorts but open to all. The trail branches out into the mountain trek where a trekker can climb Mount Santubong (810m) in about six hours.

The jungle trail itself is a one to two hours trek, depending on pace. I would recommend applying insect repellent except that it seemed to attract more mosquitoes instead (this observation is verified by a local guide). The jungle is dense but the trail is well-marked (look for the blue markings at the tree barks; red is for mountain trekkers).

Gunung Santubong
(Mount Santubong) - the summit is around 2658 feet above the sea level.

The top of Mt. Santubong. The coldest and the wind that breezes the skin. The most fancinating view on top of the mountain. Feel the fresh air. Feels like king.

Blackwater waterfall at the south-western part of Gunung Santubong.

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