17 April 2008

Basic Camping Items

Basic Camping Items

10 items of camping gear would you put on your checklist? Based on over 2000 survey results, here are what fellow campers consider essential camping gear - food, sleeping bag, tent, water, first aid kit, flashlight, knife, clothes, lantern, and stove.

  1. Food
  2. Sleeping bag - To make a bed at the campground, you'll need a sleeping bag.
  3. Tent is your shelter from the weather.
  4. Water for everything, but most importantly we need it to live.
  5. Fisrt Aid kits Don't go camping without it! Here's a first aid checklist.
  6. Flashlight - There are plenty made specifically for outdoor use
  7. Knife - utility knife will likely be the most versatile
  8. Rain Gear - remember to bring along adequate clothing for any weather.
  9. Lantern. They're not expensive, and lantern fuel is readily available.
  10. Camp Stove - another inexpensive item that uses the same fuels as lanterns.
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