17 April 2008

Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park is the second largest national park (48,905 hectares) in the Peninsula after Taman Negara. It is also one of the few remaining lowland forest in Malaysia and possibly the oldest. With rock formations dating back some 248 million years, Endau Rompin National Park is mostly hilly with some prominent sandstone plateau.

The diversity of the habitats and species found here is of major conservation significance. The park is home to many species of birds, mammals, frogs, insects and many other wild animals, as well as varieties of orchids, herbs, medicinal plants and trees.

The Endau Rompin National Park also has some of Malaysia’s best waterfalls namely Buaya Sangkut, Upeh Guling and Batu Hampar all within 2 hours trek of each other.

The weather is usually hot and humid, with a chance of rain, while the nights can be quite cool. Conditions vary with the time of year. Rainfall is heaviest between October and January. Temperatures range between 25C and 32C. The rainy season between December and January often renders the park inaccessible. Always check with the park authorities beforehand before making your way in.

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