17 April 2008

Cameron Highlands Outdoor Adventure

Cameron Highlands Outdoor Adventure

Traveling to the highlands is different from going to the beautiful sun, sea and sand of which Malaysia has many good ones around, especially the Terengganu and Sabah beaches which are to my opinion some of the best around in Malaysia. But the tropic is indeed hot, and to cool oneself without using artificial means is of course, to travel to the highlands! With the natural environment one can commune with nature and perhaps find your center as you balance the yin and yang of a hectic hustle and bustle city lifestyle.

For the more ecological minded visitors, Cameron Highlands has many jungle trails. It is a wonderful way to explore the countryside’s fauna and flora. One of the nice outdoor adventure things to do in Cameron Highland.

For those who want to brave the cold night and rough it out in the great outdoor adventure travel of Cameron Highlands, come rain or shine and stay out in the open, lying down on your sleeping bag looking out to the sky and trying to figure out which star belongs to which constellation. Yes, there are camping spots in Cameron Highlands.

There are two camping sites. The Sungai Pauh Camp site is located at the Forestry Department (Pejabat Hutan) and the other at the peak of Gunung Brinchang. The Forestry Department is located behind the Cameron Highlands golf course. Take the turning from the main road at either the Smokehouse or the road around the golf course.

There are two jungle walking trails that start from here. The easy to walk jungle path number 4 aka the Parit Trail and the more challenging Path 6 that leads all the way to Gunung Beremban. The path 6 is also the direction you should take to go to the camping site, which is about 200 meters from the Forestry Department.

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