8 Mei 2008

Gunung Belumut (1010m) Kluang Johor Malaysia

Located 18km east of Kluang, Johor. It usually takes any healthy individual about one full day to ascend and descend from the mountain. For a small group, it is usually more common to travel there and start climbing immediately, camping near the summit.

There is a resort at the entrance of the mountain and the road. To enter to the resort area the security guard would want to see a nominal roll of the participants with a police stamp on it before allowing you to climb the mountain. The resort offers two types of chalet a toilet and food stalls. Thus the mountain can get quite crowded over the weekends. Entry to the mountain is still free at the moment but it is now necessary to pay a fee to climb the mountain. The resort management would help to inform the State Director Forestry.

 It is still quite clean as not many people visit the mountain but with the resort at the base of the mountain and the resulting increase in popularity, more rubbish are being dumped on the mountain. There is a very nice stream at the base of the mountain where trekkers can take a cool dip at the end of the trek. There is also a small waterfall about a storey high near a campsite 40mins from the starting point of the trek.

There are several campsites for this trek. The best campsite is the one that is located at near the starting point, beside the stream. There is one at the near bank that can hold about 20 people and another one at the opposite bank that can hold another 20. There is another campsite that can hold about 20 people after about 15min trek on the right side of the trail.

There are two campsites near the summit. The first one can hold about 12 people and it is sheltered from the elements by stunned trees is about 30min walk from the summit. The water supply is a pathetic slow flowing stream about 10min walk towards the left side of the campsite. This campsite is easily identifiable by rubbish left behind by other inconsiderate trekkers. The last campsite is just 30m further up the mountain, also known as the Botak hill. The campsite here can hold about 20 people, but it is not sheltered from strong wind that may blow across the summit. As the vegetation here is quite sparse and it is on top of a small knoll, there may be a danger of lightning strikes. For campsites near the summit, the night can be quite cold and a sleeping bag is strongly recommended for those camping there.

Fees and charges
Contact Mr Hadi (resort manager)
Fees for climbing Gunung Belumut: Rm30 for every 5 persons
Campsite fee per person per night: Rm2.50
Remarks: Pass nominal roll stamped at Kg Gajah Police Station to Hadi.

Need to report to police station at Kumpong Gajah.Ask taxi driver to bring team leader there.
Required information: Name, address and length of stay on mountain.
Remember to report back to police station at the end of the climb.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

did we need a guide if we r want to climb the mt?

KMN Network berkata...

no need

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