6 Mei 2008

The tallest Waterfall in South East Asia

Experience outdoor in the wilderness of a tropical rainforest in Kelantan and camp overnight on top of the highest waterfall in Malaysia. Cooling environment with crystal clear water. Wake up to the spectacular sunrise view while listening to the morning calls of the gibbons. Scale up to the famous summit of Mt Stong at 1,442m.

The best way to enter the interiors of Kelantan and, at the same time, get a first-hand look at the typical village life, is to take the KTM train – once romantically known as the Jungle Train in the spirit of adventure and exploration – right through the state. Dabong lies in the area dedicated as Mt.Stong State Park(formerly called Jelawang Jungle)and is situated on the fringes of Malaysia’s massive Titiwangsa range. The mountainous backdrop there is made up of a chain of majestic peaks, waiting to be conquered – Gunung Ayam, Gunung Stong, Gunung Tera, Gunung Saji, Gunung Koh, Gunung Baha, Gunung Beirut, Gunung Che Tahir.

At the peak of Stong Waterfalls is Baha’s Camp – and much-appreciated rest for tired legs. Weary travellers often make Baha’s Camp their pit stop for the night before continuing up Gunung Stong the following day. It has eight wooden huts and two camping grounds that can accommodate between 200 and 300 people at one time. From here, one can sit at the edge of smooth, large rocks and watch the crystal-clear waters of Stong river rush down over the steep edge of the mountain. In the mornings, a thick fog floats in the air creating the dreamy effect of walking on clouds.

The ecotourist will find much to delight him were he to take an upriver cruise of Sungai Kelantan into the virgin rainforests of Kelantan. The secrets of the jungle will unfold itself if he looks and listens; and the little villages along the bank is an added bonus.

Take Bus No. 5 which leaves the main terminal at 7.45 every morning for Kuala Krai. At Kuala Krai, take the boat which leaves at 10.00 am for Dabong. The 2-hour boat ride affords ample time to take in the grandeur of the rainforests.

Upon reaching Dabong, you have about three hours to while away before catching the boat back to Kuala Krai at 3.15 pm. Take a stroll around the village and observe the villagers at their daily chores.

Alternatively, you can venture up to Jelawang to stay the night in one of the chalets (RM25.00 including meals). A one and a half-hour jungle trek brings you to the Jelawang Waterfall, spectacular and every bit worth the effort.

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