2 Jun 2008

Templer's Park Waterfalls

This waterfall set the backdrop of a beautiful picnic and camping spot. The basin where the track lies, was fairly flat and broad. About 30-40 meters wide and a meandering trail just on the bank left bank of the river all the way to the waterfall.

Located 22 kms north of Kuala Lumpur lies a lush green forest called Templer Park. A natural swimming pool is found at the foot of the trail into the park. Take a dip in the cool waters of the pool if you dare! Changing rooms are located nearby. Otherwise trek 45 mins into the forest where the trail runs beside a gurgling stream. Along the trail look out for various flora, butterflies and birds. At the end of the walk a waterfall greets your slight.

There were lots of suitable spots at the each bend of the river. These are more suitable as picnic area. For experienced campers, water level tends to rise quickly if it is raining some where upstream. But judging from the watermarks left behind and knowing that river drains a series of low hills, flash flood if any will not rise to any dramatic level.

Visit the waterfall on weekends when there is a crowd, otherwise the trekking in seems so lonely. As for the swimming pool, knowing the Malaysian crowd, I would advise to try it out on week days.

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