13 September 2009

Kenong Rimba Park

Kenong Rimba Reserve is a rare find. Much of Malaysia's lowland forests have been or are in the midst of being cleared for urban development and palm oil plantations. However, there are several splotches of primary jungle that has been retained for the specific purpose of fauna and flora research.

Covering an area of 121 sq kilometres in the Kenong Valley, Kenong Rimba Park lies in the south-west of Taman Negara. Within the park are some magnificent limestone caves. The sense of tranquility and quiet solitude are broken only by the chirping of birds and the cascading waterfalls.

At Kenong Rimba Park, Pahang, you will be able to sight some unique and beautiful varieties of orchids that hang on to the bigger trees, drawing nourishment from them. You can also come across the tallest recorded tree of the tropical rainforest known as the Tualang in this park. Besides the profuse growth of the huge ficus tree, you can also get to see the pink and white water lilies growing in abundance.

Who to contact
For more information, please contact:
Kuala Lipis District Forest Office.
Government Office Complex.
27200 Kuala Lipis, Pahang.
Phone: 09-3121273, 09-3124106 (Direct).
Fax: 09-3123745

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