27 Jun 2010

Langkawi, Pulau Tuba

Langkawi islands are well-known for its lush vegetation, fascinating waterfalls, stunning stalactites and stalagmites, limestone outcrops and mysterious caves. The crystal clear water around the islands provides a host of water sports and recreation, as well as a magical world of marine life.

Pulau Tuba Langkawi

At Pulau Tuba, you can also experience traditional fishing village life with fishermen returning home in the evenings in their quaint fishing boats.

Pulau Tuba offers a homestay program organized by fisheries development Authority of Malaysia as an innovative tourism products.
You may want to try this out - it's an opportunity to personally experience the lifestyle of the islanders.

There are 30 houses registered under this program and all of the household head works as a fishermen. Apart from fishing they do some farming, raring animals like chicken/cows/water buffalo/goats and mend their orchard. Occasionally the islanders go into the jungle to collect forest product including herbs, medicinal roots, honey bees and wild fruits. The woman folks weave pandan mat and making other handicraft products to supplement their family income.

How to get there? You can hire a boat from the Kuah jetty which will costs RM30 per way.

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