24 Februari 2009

Belum-Temengor Rainforest

Belum-Temengor Rainforest is where the wonders of nature come alive. Over 130 million years of age and encompassing 300,000 hectares, this tropical paradise is home to a vast number of species of animals and plants, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Situated in the state of Perak, at the border of Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand, the stunning landscape of Belum-Temengor Rainforest houses over 3,000 species of flowering plants, including three species of the largest flower in the world – the Rafflesia. It is also the natural habitat of 64 species of ferns, 62 species of mosses, and has a lake that is home to 23 species of freshwater fish and 5 species of turtles.

Temenggor Dam or Banding Lake This giant lake covering 15,200 hectares, is situated at the heart of Belum (Temengor Forest Reserve). Dead tree trunks standing solemnly in still, murky waters gives the dam a surreal quality. It is rich in many types of fish such as the 'Kelah’, 'Tenggalan’ and 'Baung’.

This remote 103.6-hectare site delivers fish of generous proportions. The locality around the resort is landscaped with bougainvilleas and there are car-parking bays available. It is an ideal haven for total relaxation to unwind and rediscover the presence of a green sanctuary amidst tranquility.

Some of the activities here includes nature camping, bird watching, jungle trekking, mountain climbing and fishing. visitors can also visit the aborigine settlement. Additionally, there are boat rides and sightseeing services available around the lake.

A good vacation would be aboard houseboats built with unique tropical style accommodations. With large guest rooms which provide privacy for guest and a balcony located on the upper deck for a spectacular view of the lake, it features an open concept providing an airy atmosphere and the experience of living with nature - moving your "floating hotel suite" when you want to, where you want to.

For more information on lodging, boat ride, trekking and nature guide, call the

Perak State Economic Planning Unit (Tourism) at 05-5225119 or
Perhilitan Perak at 05-7911164.

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