24 Februari 2009

Kenong Rimba Park

An unspoilt tropical forest havens, Kenong Rimba Park nestled amidst the lustful green vegetation offers spectacular adventures for agro and eco-tourism.

The second one, the jungle has slept for 100 million years, undisturbed by the ice-age which covered the northern hemisphere. Here is where the flora and fauna has the opportunity to evolve into exotic and unique species.

Many travellers interested in experiencing the wonders of the rainforest jungle are realising the importance of this relatively untouched, intriguing piece of jungle land possibly with much help from the Lonely Planet, Rough Guide etc. It is not difficult to imagine why. This relatively small (about 128km sq) but significant reserve park shares its northern border with Taman Negara. Thankfully, facilities are kept as basic as possible so that visitors can truly sink into a bit of roughing out at the campsites. There are only 4 basic chalets (2 to each chalet) and a longhouse that can accommodate 60 persons. Water is supplied from nearby streams and there is no electricity supply.

Kenong Rimba Park boasts a complex network of caves, each with its own unique geological formation and fascinating legend. The most captivating is none other than the Gua Batu Tinggi, the habitat of a variety of wild orchids. Some of the more notable caves are Gua Batu Tangga, Gua Batu Tangkup and Gua Batu Telahup.

Each limestone cave is situated about half an hour's trek from each other. The most striking is the Gua Batu Tinggi, which resembles a dug-out boat. The Sungai Kenong River passes though this cave. Local folklore has it that the cave was formed when a boat carrying the King’s messenger from Pekan was turned into stone. This cave is approximately 122 to 152 metres above sea level. Here you can find a variety of plant life that includes orchids, fig trees and epiphytes.

Who to contact

For more information, please contact: Kuala Lipis District Forest Office. Government Office Complex. 27200 Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Phone: 09-3121273, 09-3124106 (Direct). Fax: 09-3123745

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