Gunung Ledang

Terletak kira-kira 15 km dari bandar Tangkak,Johor dan Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan

Hutan Lipur Berkelah, Maran

45 km dari Bandar Maran dan 45 km dari Bandar Kuantan melalui Jalan Maran-Kuantan.

Air Terjun Batu Hampar

Terletak di kampung Air Puteh, Serdang. lebih kurang 15km dari Sg Kechil Ilir.

Air Terjun Jerangkang

26 kilometer dari bandar Maran dan 50 kilometer dari bandar Kuantan memiliki keunikan tersendiri


berada di kawasan Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta ke lokasi pantai berjarak sekitar 70 km.

25 April 2008

Adventure at Gunung Tahan - Pahang

The highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, Mount Tahan in the Taman Negara National Park is also one of the toughest to climb. There are two climbing routes, one from Kuala Tahan, which can take up to nine days to complete. The other route is from Merapoh near Gua Musang and takes five days to complete.

If you plan to climb from the Merapoh route, you can reach the town by train from Gua Musang.

You can get to the other route from Kuala Tahan, which is the main entrance to Taman Negara National Park, through several local tour companies who organise trips from Kuala Lumpur to the park. You may also take express buses from the Pekeliling Bus Station in Kuala Lumpur to Jerantut, the town nearest to the park from Pahang. From there, buses or taxis will take you to Kuala Tahan.

Climbing Tahan requires guide and permits as well as photography license, which can be obtained from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, which has its office at the park entrances at Kuala Tahan and Merapoh.

Gunung Tahan offers some of the best mountain sceneries in the country and on the second day of your climb from Merapoh, you will reach highland plateaus with enthralling bonsai vegetation. Climbers normally camp here, but come prepared for chilly night conditions.

Gunung Tahan's peak, which is huge compared to other mountains in the country, can be reached by noon on the third day of the climb from Merapoh.Gunung Tahan, there are a few matters to consider like the cost and if you're fit enough. 2 very important factors. Let's see, there's the usual National Park fee at:

Entry Permit RM1.00/person
Camping RM1.00/person/night
Camera RM5.00/person
4WD transport RM7.50/person/way

Department of Wildlife & National Parks (PERHILITAN)

Taman Negara Kuala Tahan
27020 Jerantut, Pahang

Tel : +609-266 1122/09-266 4152
Fax : +609-266 4110

Taman Negara Sungai Relau,
27210 Kuala Lipis,
Pahang Darul Makmur.

Tel/Fax : +609-912 4894
Kuala Lumpur,
Tel : +603-9075 2872
Fax : +603-9075 2873
Kuala Tahan:
Tel : +609 266 1122


Gunung Stong terletak di Hutan Simpan Dabong, Kelantan. Gunung Stong menyediakan hutan yang menarik dan mengasyikkan yang penuh dengan khazanah alam, hidupan liar seperti gajah. Ketinggian Gunung Stong ialah 1433 meter. Gunung Stong terletak di Gua Ikan. Nama Gua Ikan di perolehi ekoran daripada terdapatnya batu yang kelihatan seperti ikan. Di percayai, terdapat peninggalan harta karun yang di sembunyikan oleh pihak tentera Jepun yang masih tidak di jumpai sehingga kini.
Gunung Stong menempatkan salah satu air terjun yang merupakan kelima dalam senarai 10 tempat yang menarik dan tertinggi untuk ekotaurism di Malaysia. Di Gunung Stong memang tersohor dengan Air Terjun Jelawang yang tingginya 305 meter dan tidak mustahillah air terjun ni merupakan yang tertinggi di Asia.

Puncak Gunung Stong
Gunung Ayam terletak bersebelahan dengan Gunung Stong di Hutan Simpan Dabong. Suasana dalam hutan ini sungguh mengasyikkan dengan kicauan burung dan unggas-unggas tetapi ia juga menjadi merupakan habitat bagi haiwan-haiwan liar seperti gajah dan harimau.
Ketinggian Gunung Ayam ialah 1504 meter iaitu 70 meter lebih tinggi dari Gunung Stong. Sekiranya perjalanan untuk menawan puncak Gunung Stong memakan masa selama 3-4 jam, Gunung Ayam pula memerlukan masa tambahan sebanyak 4-5 jam untuk sampai ke puncak. Namun untuk menempuhi perjalanan seharian ia memakan masa sekurang-kurangnya 9 jam.
Pendakian ke puncak Gunung Ayam penuh dengan cabaran. Ia memerlukan kesihatan fizikal dan mental yang baik. Jalan-jalan yang harus ditempuhi penuh dengan ranjau yang menggugat kesabaran, namun pendaki-pendaki akan disajikan dengan udara sejuk yang nyaman dan segar. Sekiranya anda ingin berkhemah di puncak Gunung Ayam, jangan lepaskan peluang menikmati keindahan panorama matahari terbit yang membelah langit biru yang dipenuhi dengan gumpalan-gumpalan awan.
Setelah penat pendakian ditempuhi, anda akan sampai ke air terjun Stong untuk menikmati seketika sejuknya air yang dapat menyegarkan kepenatan.

2 way Radios - Walkie Talkie

Motorola Talkabout T5500 (NiCad) Rechargeable 2-Way Radios

The Motorola Talkabout T5500 Rechargeable NiCD two-way radio keeps you connected for up to a five-mile range (range will vary based on terrain and conditions). Weather-resistant, the T5500 delivers rugged Motorola quality and clear communications without monthly carrier or airtime usage fees.

22 April 2008

Kenyir Lake - Malaysia National Park

Kenyir Lake became one of the most magnificent tourist sports in Terengganu as well as in Malaysia. Kenyir luxurious forest is located in the district of Hulu Terengganu, which lies at a longitude of 102 degree 40 minutes and 4 degree and 40 minutes in latitude. It is believed that the rain forest is the world oldest tropical rainforest. The forest also serves as a part of Malaysia National Park.

There are 14 waterfalls found and flow rapidly around the lake. The most famous are Lasir Waterfall (nearby Uncle John Resort), Tembat Waterfall (just a minute to Musang Kenyir Resort) and Saok Waterfall. Saok Waterfall is situated at the east of Pulau Besar (about 20 minutes boat ride from Gawi Jetty). Whist to the south (nearby Jenagor Dam) are Lasir, Kenyir and Pertang River waterfalls. It is believed that the Lasir Waterfall is the largest shower in Kenyir Lake and becomes one of the famous waterfalls among tourist. This spectacular waterfall is majestic with about 500 feet high and it drops gracefully into the level of bounder ponds of water.

It creates a natural five level of pond, which is the best place to enjoy cold refreshing bathtub among your family and friends. This area is proposed to be a non-developing area of large structure or heavy physical development so it becomes as one of a jungle activity. This is to make sure the natural environment will not be spoilt. So any man-made structures will be built according to the stable blend of surrounding natural. It is located about 16 km to the south of Pengkalan Gawi. By boat it will take about 30-45 minutes to reach there.

Kenyir Lake consists of a more than 340 islands, surrounded by a vast rain forest that contains of many unpolluted clear water rivers, waterfalls, magnificent limestone formations and pre-historic caves. Variety of plants and wildlife are just perfect for jungle trekking. Regarded as an 'Angling Haven', huge specimens of Baung, Arowanan, Sebarau, Toman and Kelah thrive abundantly here. Ping Anchorage package tours from the adventurous houseboat to the relaxing floating chalet.

Adventure with Nature

National Parks in Malaysia provide many jungle camping sites. There are also many mountain and beach sites which are suited for camping. In picking your camp site, always take into consideration the weather conditions and the types of camping equipment you will need.The rainy season during December to February renders some camp sites along the river trails of Taman Negara in accessible. Always check with the relevant Park authorities before hand.

The lower altitudes of primary jungle like Taman Negara, Kenong Rimba Park in Pahang; Endou Rompin in Johor; Mulu and Lambir National Parks in Sarawak are humid, so your choice of tents should allow for good ventilation. Enclosed nylon tents with sewn-in groundsheets are not recommended as they tend to condense air on the inside. Cotton tents get heavy after absorbing water.

When camping on high altitude locations such as Gunung Jerai in Kedah; Gunung Korbu in Perak; Gunung Tapis and Gunung Tahan in Pahang, choose a site sheltered from the wind and avoid the higher peaks when thunderstorms occur. A self-contained tent and stakes is best for mountain camping.Basic set up is needed when camping on the beaches of the marine parks in the country which includes Pulau Payar in Kedah; Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan; Pulau Redang, Terengganu; Pulau Tioman and Cherating in Pahang and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Sabah. A hammock or sleeping bag will do very well.Remember to check on restrictions which may apply due to ecological or other reasons.Please, contact the Park authorities.

List of Mountain in Malaysia

Gunung Jerai
Bukit Bendera(Penang Hill)
Gunung Korubu
Gunung Bubu
Gunung Angsi
Negeri Sembilan
Gunung Ledang
Gunung Belumut
Gunung Tahan
Taman Negara, Pahang
Gunung Gagau
Taman Negara, Pahang
Gunung Brinchang
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Gunung Berembun
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Gunung Jasar
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Gunung Perdah
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Gunung Stong
Gunung Chamah
Gunung Silam
Lahad Datu, Sabah
Gunung Lotong
Maliau Basin, Sabah
Gunung Kinabalu
Kinabalu Park, Sabah
Gunung Tambuyukon
Kinabalu Park, Sabah
Gunung Trusmadi
Tama Abu
Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak
Bukit Batu Buli
Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak
Bukit Batu Lawi
Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak
Bukit Batu
Gunung Penrissen
Gunung Santubong
Bukit Batu Iran
Gunung Mulu
Mulu National Park, Sarawak

21 April 2008

Gunug Irau/Brinchang - Cameron Highland

Gunung Irau dan Gunug Brinchang Cameron Highland Pahang

Gunung Irau merupakan salah satu gunung yang mempunyai ketinggian melebihi 2000 meter di Semenanjung Malaysia. Terletak di utara pekan Brinchang di Cameron Highland, Gunung Irau merupakan salah satu gunung yang popular dikunjungi oleh pendaki pada hujung minggu.

Gunung Irau merupakan salah satu yang paling unik. Ia penuh berlumut (mossy forest) dari lantai trek ke puncak pokok. Keadaan ini menyebabkan suhu di dalam hutan di antara 13-17 darjah celcius. Sekiranya anda berhenti berehat seketika, besar kemungkinan boleh terlihat haba (dalam bentuk wap) badan keluar dari paras bahu hingga ke kepala. Keadaan hutan berlumut juga merupakan permandangan yang cantik dan agak unik. Berdiri di dalam hutan berlumut di Gunung Irau umpama anda sedang berada di dalam Fangorn Forest dalam filem Lord of The Rings.

Mendaki Gunung Irau bermula dari tempat parking kereta di puncak Gunung Brinchang.Gunung Brinchang mempunyai jalan bertar yang paling tinggi di Malaysia. Trek Gunung Irau agak tersembunyi, ia berada di atas sebuah dinding tanah betul betul di belakang tempat parking kereta Gunung Brinchang. Keadaan trek amat berlumpur disebabkan ia kerap digunakan pendaki. Trek adalah jelas kelihatan dan ditanda dengan ikatan tali serta papan tanda dan batu pembahagi sempadan negeri. Walau bagaimanapun, anda dinasihatkan untuk melaporkan diri/kumpulan pendaki di Balai Polis Brinchang sebelum mula mendaki.

Camner nak pegi cari kat sini

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Gunung Irau tidaklah amat besar dan hanya boleh memuatkan kira kira 5 khemah. 3/4 kawasan puncak diliputi pokok yang ketinggian kira kira 2 meter. Permandangan di puncak amat menarik dimana anda boleh melihat gunung ganang yang terletak di Banjaran Titiwangsa. Jalan raya merentasi banjaran, yang menyambungkan Blue Valley (Cameron Highland) dengan Simpang Pulai (Ipoh) jelas kelihatan. Suhu dipuncak boleh mencapai bawah 10 darjah celcius pada waktu malam.

Gunung Irau sesuai dijadikan destinasi pendakian kepada mereka yang gian mendaki tetapi tidak mempunyai banyak masa lapang. Ia juga sesuai dijadikan "day trek" pada hujung minggu kepada sesiapa yang melancong ke Cameron Highland. Kepada yang gemar berkhemah, anda bolehlah menetap semalaman di puncak Gunung Irau dan merasai cuaca yang sejuk dan permandangan yang menarik.

Explorasi Gunung Senyum

Hutan lipur Gunung Senyum

Keluasan hutan lipur gunung senyum ialan sekitar 794 hektar dan ianya terletak di dalam kawasan hutan simpan Jengka dimana in terdapat didalam 4 bahagian kawasan.Disini terdapat dua gunung iaitu Gunung Senyum dan Gunung Jebak Puyoh.

Ketinggian Gunung Senyum adalah 550m . Terdapat 20 gua di kawasan gunung ini yang boleh dilawati dan antaranya terdapat kawasan archaeological.

Gunung Jebak Puyuh terletak jauh sedikit disini terdapat kawasan trekking yang menarik untuk dilawati dan ianya menjanjikan keseronokan dalam penerokaan gua.

Akan tetapi Gunung Senyum lebih dikenali dikalangan pengunjung, Hutan lipur Gunung Senyum adalh tempat yang sangat menarik unutk penggemar expedisi gua dan jungle trekking.

Terdapat pejabat hutan di kawasan hutan lipur ini untuk sebarang urusan berkaitan ianya berdekatan dengan kawasan perkemahan dan parking kereta.

Terletak 40km dari Temerloh, dan 20km daripada Pusat Jengka.

20 April 2008

Malaysia trekking tips and mountain list


Take plenty of water and pack a few easy to eat snacks to keep energy level up. Unless trekking with a local guide, it is not advisable to eat jungle fruits or drink from rivers and streams.

In the highlands try to trek on the ridgetops to save energy traversing the steep slopes and catch a cool breeze.

Be as quite as possible to avoid scaring any wildlife. Getting an early start during the dawn provides the best chance to sight animals seeking food ad the warmth of the early morning sun.

Wear thin, loose, preferably cotton clothing to remain comfortable.

Cover arms and legs with long trousers and long – sleeved shirts to ward off mosquitoes and t provide protection against thorny plants.

Wear leech socks or long socks to prevent leeches from finding an entry way.
Choose sturdy footwear with proper ankle support and good traction

Be prepared for sudden rain showers by carrying a poncho that wraps over both body and your carrying pack to keep everything dry.

A wide brimmed hat helps to shade a trekker from the heat of the tropical sun

Gunung Jerai
Pulau Payar Marine Park
Gunung Korbu Perak
Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan
Mersing Marine Park Johor
Endau Rombin Johor
Redang Marine Park Terengganu
Taman Negara Pahang
Kenong Rimba Park Pahang
Gunung Tahan Pahang
Gunung Tangga Lima Belas Pahang
Tioman Marine Park Pahang
Cherating Pahang
Gunung Tapis Pahang
Gunung Alab Sabah
Tuanku Abdul Rahman National Park Sabah
Mulu National Park (Lowland and hill forest) Sarawak
Lambir Hills Park (Lowland and hill forest) Sarawak
Gunung Mulu Sarawak

Pantang larang di laut dan hutan

Antara pantang larang yang pernah didengar terutama ketika di laut ialah bersiul, membawa daging binatang darat, memakai kasut atau selipar dalam bot, berpatah balik jika tertinggal barang, membawa pulut kuning, minuman keras dan terlepas tangkapan pertama.

Penulis tidak dapat menjelaskan rasional seperti tidak boleh membawa daging atau tidak boleh terlepas tangkapan pertama kerana semua ini seperti satu hal yang sukar dipercayai. Tidak dinafikan, masih ramai tekong melarang pemancing memakai selipar atau kasut ketika di atas bot. Penulis pernah disergah tekong gara-gara memakai selipar. Tetapi hakikatnya, kita memerlukan selipar ketika dalam bot kerana risiko lantai licin, panas dan lebih penting ialah mata kail tajam mudah tertusuk di tapak kaki.

Selama penulis berkecimpung dalam dunia memancing sejak pra sekolah hingga kini, tidak pernah ambil pusing soal pantang larang dalam dunia memancing kecuali jika bersama kaki pancing yang terlalu mengambil berat hal sebegini. Yang penting ialah percaya terhadap-Nya, jangan meninggalkan solat, banyak bertawakal serta menerima bahawa baik atau buruk malah kejadian berlaku adalah atas kehendak-Nya. Fikir sebaiknya tujuan apa kita ke laut atau ke hutan dan sebagainya.

Yang penting ialah kita jangan celupar, bongkak dan mencabar kuasa semula jadi alam ciptaan Ilahi. Sekuat mana kita mempermodenkan persiapan, sejauh mana menuruti pantang larang namun menentang kuasa alam ibarat seperti membina longkang untuk mengalirkan air banjir atau benteng untuk ombak sebesar tsunami.

Ada lagi tips dan trick memancing dan langkah keselamatan

Sumber : Joran BH

Tmn Negara Endau-Rompin Johor iaitu di Kg. Peta.

Untuk masuk ke Air Terjun Buaya Sangkut ni mesti melalui pintu masuk Tmn Negara Endau-Rompin Johor iaitu di Kg. Peta. Tidak seperti Tmn Negeri Rompin-Endau Pahang, semua urusan permit, insuran kebenaran berkemah (mengikut malam) dan lain lain lagi mesti dibereskan di pejabat Tman Negara di situ. GUIDE dari kalangan orang asli tempatan adalah diwajibkan dengan bayaran RM 30.00 sehari (kalau tak silap saye). Sewa bot panjang untuk hantar dan balek dari Kg. Peta ke Kuala Jasin dalam RM 100.00 satu bot yang muat 10 - 12 org.

Dari Kuala Jasin ke Air Terjun Buaya Sangkut, guide akan bawa ke tempat tujuan dengan berjalan kaki. Tidak ade jalan lain yang dibenarkan kerana utk kesana hanya ada track pejalan kaki saje. Dan lagi saya diberitahu dulu olih pihak pejabat taman negara semua peserta yang ke Air Terjun Buaya Sangkut tidak dibenarkan bermalam disitu atas sebab sebab keselamatan. Semuanya mesti turun dan berkemah di satu kawasan yang telah dikhaskan di Kuala Marong.

Kuala Rompin semakin pesat

Kuala Rompin semakin pesat dengan pelbagai aktiviti laut dan darat serta keindahan persekitaran yang menyegarkan pasti memikat pelancong

MELIHAT matahari terbit dari laut selepas Subuh di Kuala Rompin Pahang, memang menyegarkan mata sekali gus melapangkan fikiran.

Terletak di Daerah Rompin, Kuala Rompin semakin menjadi sebutan sebagai destinasi pelancongan mahupun kaki pancing yang mengenali Kuala Rompin sebagai �Bandar Udang Galah�.

Jolokan nama bandar itu yang dikaitkan dengan udang galah bukanlah satu omongan kosong atau legenda. Datanglah ke Kuala Rompin dan berkunjung ke Kampung Leban Chondong, kira-kira 16 kilometer dari bandar itu, anda boleh menikmati masakan udang galah dalam pelbagai rasa.

Tumpuan pelancong antarabangsa kini bukan saja untuk menikmati udang galah di bandar itu, sebaliknya mencuba gelanggang Laut China Selatan yang menempatkan ikan layaran serta marlin untuk dipancing.

Hobi memancing ikan layaran dan marlin menjadikan Kuala Rompin pusat sukan memancing baru yang menarik, malah dikatakan ikan layaran besar pernah ditemui di perairannya. Satu daripada lokasi jajaran ikan layaran terbesar di Asia, selain Amerika Syarikat dan Australia.

Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge telah meletakkan Kuala Rompin sebagai pusat sukan memancing dunia dan mencuri tumpuan pemancing antarabangsa.

Kuala Lumpur-Bahau-Muadzam Shah-Rompin -Taman Negara. Dengan perjalanan kira-kira empat hingga empat jam setengah, tindakan anda mengunjungi Taman Negeri Endau-Rompin berbaloi. Dari Kuantan ke Rompin pun, kira-kira dua jam perjalanan.

JIKA anda dari Johor Bharu, anda hanya perlu ke Mersing-Tanjung Gemok, kemudiannya ke bandar Kuala Rompin sebelum meneruskan perjalanan ke Felda Selendang Satu dan beberapa minit kemudiannya anda sudah memasuki Taman Negeri Endau-Rompin.

Taman Negeri Endau-Rompin berpusat di Kem Geruggul dan di situ juga letaknya pertemuan Sungai Endau dan Sungai Sekinchin yang tenang, damai dan sejuk mata memandang. Kejernihan airnya dengan sedikit jeram berbatu untuk mandi dan berendam lama di airnya yang ternyata sejuk.

Rumah rakit yang terdapat di sepanjang Sungai Ropmin juga menjadi tumpuan, dengan pelbagai tujuan termasuklah menikamti suasana malam di rumah rakit, memancing ataupun meninjau kehidupan Sungai Rompin secara semula jadi.

18 April 2008

Smart tips for camping enthusiasts

Give your camping trip a little more thought and effort, and you’ll eliminate many of the lurking dangers,

SIX years ago, a heavy downpour at Sungai Chiling in Selangor caused the river to flood its banks. A group camping nearby was hit by the rushing wall of water – tents were swept away by the force and six campers drowned. Barely a year later, at the same spot, five people attending a church adventure camp went for a swim and drowned.

n 1999, two students from ITM Kota Baru died on Gunung Korbu in Perak as a result of inhaling toxic gas. They were believed to have cooked inside their tent before they went to sleep, and kept the gas canister inside before closing up their tents for the night. The carbon monoxide which killed them could have leaked from the canister.

More recently, in May last year, lightning struck a group of campers on Gunung Rajah in Pahang, killing two and injuring over 20. Rescue operations took almost two days, and campers had to be airlifted by helicopter off the peak.

Every year, hundreds head to the beautiful forests, mountains and beaches of Malaysia to picnic or camp. To a few of them, camping is a mere walk in the park; to others, camping connotes leeches, insects, snakes, wild animals and other icky stuff. Too many, however, go without being mentally nor physically prepared, and this makes them susceptible to injury and mistakes.

What to pack

The Big Seven when it comes to camping are:

  • a map and compass

  • water or water treatment kit

  • extra food

  • extra clothing

  • a first aid kit

  • a knife

  • waterproof matches and a fire-starter

    Basic gear includes a sleeping bag, groundsheet, tent with sealed seams and a rain-fly sheet, complete with all poles, stakes and cord.

    For short excursions (e.g. day trips) you should pack extras such as a headlamp, raincoat and a first-aid kit. Trekking poles will also help you keep your balance, and save your knees!

  • Setting up camp

    You might have to trek to your campground, so a good pair of shoes is essential. Break them in before the trip, and wear sock liners to help with moisture and prevent blisters. Where possible, trek on rocks or solid stony ground instead of mossy-covered jungle floor, which is not only slippery but could also give way.

    Stay to marked trails, and do not create your own “shortcuts”. This helps to prevent erosion and preserve vegetation. More importantly, it means you’re less likely to get lost.

    Camp on bare ground wherever possible, not on vegetation. The site should be away from trails and dead trees. Avoid slopes (which may erode), high ridges (which may be prone to lightning strikes) and wet sites.

    When near water, camp at least 100ft (30m) away. Your choice of campsite may be limited by terrain, but it is not advisable to camp closer than 25ft (7.5m) to water. Make sure you do not camp below the flood level, such as in a valley or depression which can be a lethal water trap.

    Food, cooking and campfires

    Bring enough food to last the trip. Food can be fresh, dried or canned – instant, pre-packed provisions such as noodles and drink sachets are especially popular. Bananas, chocolate, glucose sweets, energy bars and “gorp” (a mix of nuts, dried fruit and candy) are also good sources of energy. Don’t forget your can-opener.

    Avoid bringing any food with a strong smell, as this may attract animals. If you do bring it, store it carefully – ditto other strong-smelling items, such as soap or garbage

    Hutan Lipur Gunung Belumut

    Hutan Lipur Gunung Belumut (Johor) mempunyai persekitaran yang indah dengan pokok-pokok yang menghijau dan suasana semulajadi yang tenang, segar dan nyaman pasti menawan hati setiap pengunjung ke sini. Terdapat air terjun dan jeram-jeram yang menarik di sepanjang sungai yang mengalir di dalam kawasan ini. Hutan lipur ini amat sesuai untuk menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti rekreasi luar seperti berenang, berkelah, berkhemah dan treking.

    Dari puncak gunung pengunjung dapat menghayati pemandangan indah Hutan Hujan Tropika yang unik dan mengkagumkan. Pengunjung juga boleh melihat pelbagai spesies burung yang terdapat di kawasan ini.

    Pengunjung juga berpeluang untuk mendaki ke puncak Gunung Belumut setinggi 1,004 meter, yang merupakan gunung yang tertinggi di daerah Kluang. Pendakian melalui denai hutan sepanjang 6 km mengambil masa lebih kurang 4 jam untuk sampai ke puncaknya. Di sepanjang perjalanan pengunjung dapat melihat pokok-pokok dan batu-batan yang ditumbuhi lumut yang tebal dan lembab menandakan puncak gunung telah hampir ditakluki.

    Terletak 32 km dari Bandar Keluang iaitu melalui Jalanraya Keluang-Mersing, 137 km dari Bandar Johor Bahru.

    Untuk sampai ke hutan lipur ini pengunjung boleh menggunakan kenderaan sendiri atau teksi dari Bandar Keluang melalui Felda Ulu Dengar.

    Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang

    Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang terletak di Hutan Simpan Hulu Langat yang mempunyai jenis Hutan Dipterokarp Bukit. Terdapat pelbagai flora dan fauna di sini. Kawasan hutan lipur ini juga kaya dengan pelbagai tumbuhan ubatan tradisional seperti pokok Tapak Sulaiman, Haji Samat, Pepijat, Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Mata Pelanduk dan sebagainya. Selain daripada itu terdapat juga beberapa tumbuhan yang jarang dijumpai seperti Orkid liar yang hidup subur tanpa gangguan.

    Kemudahan asas yang disediakan adalah seperti pondok rehat, surau, dewan solat, chalet dan kemudahan lain untuk mandi-manda, berkhemah, trekking dan bersiar-siar. Kemudahan di sini sesuai untuk aktiviti rekreasi berkumpulan oleh murid sekolah, pertubuhan sukarela, agensi kerajaan dan swasta, penuntut-penuntut dari pusat pengajian tinggi dan sebagainya.

    Terletak 17 km dari Bandar Cheras melalui Jalanraya Hulu Langat ke Pangson,28 km dari Kuala Lumpur.

    Hutan lipur ini menawarkan aktiviti lasak khususnya aktiviti mendaki gunung kepada mereka yang berminat.

    Ketinggian : 1493m/4898ft Lokasi : Pangsoon, Ulu Langat, Selangor

    Untuk sampai ke hutan lipur ini pengunjung boleh menggunakan kenderaan sendiri atau teksi dari Bandar Cheras atau Kuala Lumpur.

    Bagaimana menyusun barang ke dalam beg anda?

    Bagaimana menyusun barang ke dalam beg anda?

    Caranya mudah tetapi tidak boleh dipandang remeh. Banyak campers mengalami kecederaan kerana cara menyusun barang yang tidak betul. Kadangkala barang yang di bawa sedikit tetapi menjadi berat kerana penyusunan barang yang tidak betul.

    Berikut adalah beberapa langkah yang perlu diikuti oleh setiap campers :

    1. Barang yang berat di letakkan di bahagian atas diikuti dengan barang yang ringan di bahagian bawah.

    2. Sleeping bag, pakaian diletakkan di bahagian bawah sekali, diikuti dengan pakaian dan makanan.

    3. Pastikan tiada benda-benda tajam di dalam beg yang tertonjol keluar, terutama di bahagian belakang beg. Ini memberi kesan pada tulang belakan anda.

    4. Elakkan meletakkan barang-barang anda tergantung di luar beg. Ini memastikan ianya tidak tersangkut pada ranting dan duri pokok.

    5. Pastikan anda membuat sistem penyusunan sendiri, memudahkan anda mengingati barang yang anda simpan. Jika kecemasan mudah bagi anda mengeluarkan barang anda.

    6. Sebaiknya dapatkan nasihat daripada mereka yang berpengalaman kerana pengalaman yang membezakan antara campers.

    17 April 2008

    Enchanting Land - The Berkelah Waterfalls

    The Berkelah Waterfalls

    To reach the start of the trail, is an adventure in itself.First you have to find the right exit from the Maran-Kuantan road. About 31 km after Maran there is a signboard "Sungei Berkelah".
    The road ends at a spot where some shelters have been built. From here a cemented path leads to the falls. Don't worry when at first it looks like the river has disappeared. You have first to cross a dry riverbed before reaching the first fall.This double fall is quite impressive.

    After the first waterfall a few smaller falls follow. They have olympic-size pools with crystal-clear water.Very inviting for a refreshing bath. On the way you will see several place which are suitable for camping. But always be careful, that the place is safe against flash-flooding!.

    Finally the top fall is reached, again with a huge pool (picture at the right). Walking back, following the river bed, it is very clear how the river has eroded its way down amidst huge rocks and boulders
    The whole region is very attractive and unspoiled. Keep it that way, take only pictures and leave only footsteps

    Haversack bag pack

    Millet Odyssee 60+10

    Millet Odyssee 60+10 | Click to view full sized image

    Versatile, full-feature pack for high-mountain / mountain activities, summer/winter

    RM 659.00


    • 420D Velocity nylon: strong
    • Reinforced 210D Dobby Check nylon: Flexible, light and strong
    • Main compartment with extension
    • Detachable flap
    • Side pockets with gussets
    • Direct opening to bottom of sack
    • Removable double divider for main compartment
    • Compression straps
    • Ski carrier
    • FPP Ice axe holder
    • Equipment carrying strap on bottom of sack
    • Vertical, integrated zip for access to top of sack
    • Document pockets with flap
    • Compartment for flexible water bottle
    • Removable rain cover
    • Reinforced ski loop
    • Key ring
    • Chest strap

    Basic Camping Items

    Basic Camping Items

    10 items of camping gear would you put on your checklist? Based on over 2000 survey results, here are what fellow campers consider essential camping gear - food, sleeping bag, tent, water, first aid kit, flashlight, knife, clothes, lantern, and stove.

    1. Food
    2. Sleeping bag - To make a bed at the campground, you'll need a sleeping bag.
    3. Tent is your shelter from the weather.
    4. Water for everything, but most importantly we need it to live.
    5. Fisrt Aid kits Don't go camping without it! Here's a first aid checklist.
    6. Flashlight - There are plenty made specifically for outdoor use
    7. Knife - utility knife will likely be the most versatile
    8. Rain Gear - remember to bring along adequate clothing for any weather.
    9. Lantern. They're not expensive, and lantern fuel is readily available.
    10. Camp Stove - another inexpensive item that uses the same fuels as lanterns.
    For more info please check here

    Endau Rompin National Park

    Endau Rompin National Park

    Endau Rompin National Park is the second largest national park (48,905 hectares) in the Peninsula after Taman Negara. It is also one of the few remaining lowland forest in Malaysia and possibly the oldest. With rock formations dating back some 248 million years, Endau Rompin National Park is mostly hilly with some prominent sandstone plateau.

    The diversity of the habitats and species found here is of major conservation significance. The park is home to many species of birds, mammals, frogs, insects and many other wild animals, as well as varieties of orchids, herbs, medicinal plants and trees.

    The Endau Rompin National Park also has some of Malaysia’s best waterfalls namely Buaya Sangkut, Upeh Guling and Batu Hampar all within 2 hours trek of each other.

    The weather is usually hot and humid, with a chance of rain, while the nights can be quite cool. Conditions vary with the time of year. Rainfall is heaviest between October and January. Temperatures range between 25C and 32C. The rainy season between December and January often renders the park inaccessible. Always check with the park authorities beforehand before making your way in.

    Cameron Highlands Outdoor Adventure

    Cameron Highlands Outdoor Adventure

    Traveling to the highlands is different from going to the beautiful sun, sea and sand of which Malaysia has many good ones around, especially the Terengganu and Sabah beaches which are to my opinion some of the best around in Malaysia. But the tropic is indeed hot, and to cool oneself without using artificial means is of course, to travel to the highlands! With the natural environment one can commune with nature and perhaps find your center as you balance the yin and yang of a hectic hustle and bustle city lifestyle.

    For the more ecological minded visitors, Cameron Highlands has many jungle trails. It is a wonderful way to explore the countryside’s fauna and flora. One of the nice outdoor adventure things to do in Cameron Highland.

    For those who want to brave the cold night and rough it out in the great outdoor adventure travel of Cameron Highlands, come rain or shine and stay out in the open, lying down on your sleeping bag looking out to the sky and trying to figure out which star belongs to which constellation. Yes, there are camping spots in Cameron Highlands.

    There are two camping sites. The Sungai Pauh Camp site is located at the Forestry Department (Pejabat Hutan) and the other at the peak of Gunung Brinchang. The Forestry Department is located behind the Cameron Highlands golf course. Take the turning from the main road at either the Smokehouse or the road around the golf course.

    There are two jungle walking trails that start from here. The easy to walk jungle path number 4 aka the Parit Trail and the more challenging Path 6 that leads all the way to Gunung Beremban. The path 6 is also the direction you should take to go to the camping site, which is about 200 meters from the Forestry Department.
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